Recognising Electrical Safety Week in Construction

Construction Manager, Gary McCormick, from Wiley's partners at CV Services Group gives a safety toolbox talk for Electrical Safety Week to a group of subcontractors and Wiley staff
Toolbox Talk for Electrical Safety Week

At Wiley, safety remains our priority, and this week, we’re shining a spotlight on Electrical Safety Week! 🚧💡

To kick of Electrical Safety week, we conducted a crucial toolbox talk on one of our sites, and it was an eye-opening experience! Construction Manager, Gary McCormick, from our partners at CV Services Group, led the discussion on the paramount importance of electrical safety in construction.

Gary shared valuable insights and knowledge with our subcontractors, consultants, client representatives and members of Wiley’s dedicated team on the ground. This talk emphasized the critical need for understanding the safety equipment and practices and the risks associated with electricity, wiring, and powered equipment on construction sites. 💪

🏗️ Construction sites can be complex environments, where electricity powers essential tools and machinery. Our commitment to safety ensures that every member of our team is well-prepared and equipped to handle these challenges.
⚡ Here are some key takeaways from our toolbox talk:

  1. Risk Assessment: We always begin by assessing the risks involved in electrical work on-site, ensuring we have a clear understanding of potential hazards.
  2. Safety Procedures: Our team is trained rigorously on safety procedures when working with electricity, wiring, and powered equipment.
  3. Regular Inspections: Routine inspections of equipment and wiring systems are carried out to identify and address potential issues before they become hazards.
  4. Emergency Response: Everyone on our team knows what to do in case of electrical emergencies, ensuring a swift and effective response.

🤝 We are proud to collaborate with partners like CV Services Group, who share our dedication to safety. Together, we are committed to ensuring that all aspects of the construction process prioritize safety above all else.
Join us in recognizing Electrical Safety Week and remember: Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s a value we uphold every day. Let’s continue to build a safer and more secure future together! 💪🏗️

Also, a very special thanks to our own Project Manager, Daniel Schaefer for arranging for Gary and the CV Services team to present on site this morning.

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