Who am I: Rock Hopper

Whilst my elevator pitch would read something like “I use my experience and emotional insight to help others achieve awesome results”, the reality is that I go to work each day, with a commitment to serve others. In this case, by “others”, I mean both clients and coworkers. It’s within this responsibility that I find my real motivation.

And by serving others, I don’t mean simply doing as instructed. I’m constantly driven to find a better way which at times can create instability for those around me due to the constant change and challenging of the status quo. I feel however that if we start by asking ‘why’ rather than ‘what’, the frustrations of change take a back seat to the benefits we seek.

There are two main standouts in my personal life with the first, and most important being my family, especially my son Nash and wife (to be) Kylie – these guys mean the world to me. The second is my almost romantic connection with being “hands on”. I love nothing more than to turn a bunch of raw materials into something of greater value with my own two hands.

Whilst I’m a qualified carpenter and spent many years indulging in woodwork, I’ve shifted my focus to metalwork and fabrication over recent years. The metalwork skills, as well as some ever expanding mechanical skills, have provided the foundation to excel in my hobby of 4wd Offroad Motorsport. Although I have taken a few years hiatus as I pursue career objectives interstate, I look forward to one day setting up the workshop again, and getting some dirt under the fingernails.

Until then you’ll find me busting my ass to be a better father, husband, leader and project manager than I was yesterday…but I’ll get that workshop one day!

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidbb