Wiley Snack Foods

At Wiley, we are your trusted partners in the world of snack food manufacturing. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and demands of the industry, we provide comprehensive solutions that elevate your snack food production to new heights.

Design and Process Engineering Expertise Our dedicated design and process engineering teams at Wiley are the cornerstone of our success in the snack food sector. We specialise in scoping, designing, and engineering projects tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s crafting the perfect production line for potato chips, optimizing the baking process for delicious goods, or enhancing capacity for snack food favorites, our Wiley experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Equipment Selection and Integration In the dynamic world of snack food manufacturing, having the right equipment is paramount. Wiley’s team excels in equipment selection and seamless integration into your existing processes. We ensure that your production lines run efficiently and consistently, meeting the high demands of the snack food market.

Production Upgrades for Excellence Staying ahead in the snack food industry requires continuous improvement. Wiley specializes in production and capacity upgrades that empower your business to meet growing demands while maintaining the quality that sets your products apart. From concept to execution, Wiley have expert teams members to take each project across the full project lifecycle.

At Wiley, we don’t just build projects; we build partnerships that drive innovation and profitability in the snack food sector. Join us in transforming the way snackfoods are made and experience the difference of true industry expertise.

What our clients think...

Mark Kitching
Goodna Special School

Wiley also take great pride in working with us to provide the highest level safety and security possible on our school site and their construction site. They have worked extensively with the local community to ensure their needs and their properties are well cared for at all times during the construction process.

Geoff Mills, Principal
Sunnybank Hills State High School

The project has been handed over very successfully. We are all extremely happy with the end result. It’s a beautiful building that all the children love. The design and construction has been first class.